EBLG NOTAM: RWY 23L displaced threshold issue

Ladies and gentlemen,

I just took off from Liège for LA on a heavy cargo flight. As usual, I tried using the full runway for takeoff as 23L being the longest at this airport is suitable for heavy aircraft. However, on the displaced threshold, despite being part of the runway, it still displayed the 35kt taxiway overspeed warning. Anywho, I managed to ‘coast’ the aircraft until I got onto the main part of the runway and continued my roll without any further issues.

Considering that this is an unprecedented issue, the purpose of this post is to offer any pilots flying to/from Liège a heads up until when the problem is solved.

EBLG RWY 23L Displaced threshold

I’m not sure whether to place this in the #general, #live or #thirdparty.


I had the same thing happen last week at the displaced threshold of CYVR 08R.


This has something to do with the way the airport is edited. I guess we need an airport editor to fix that. Also might be worth moving this topic into #support.

I have seen some airports with displaced threshold with the same issue hopefully that gets fixed.

Could you list them? So they can really get fixed

They fixed the one at KBOS and KMKE ages ago but I was just saying I know it is an editing issue as stated earlier.

Ah ok, so they have been fixed.

I’ve sent the topic in the editors chat, someone will have a look. ;)

Edit: EBLG has been fixed, thanks @Major-Tom.


Thank you very much. I think it is fair if this topic can be closed for now.

Closed at OP’s request.