EBBR Runways 25R and 20

All pilots at EBBR are advised to take extreme caution when entering the runways of 20 and 25R near their intersection, to ensure they are using the intended runway as prescribed by ATC. Confusion has led to pilots incorrectly entering the wrong runway, causing potential runway incursions and dangerous situations,


Google Maps

Just wanted to put this visual here. The taxiway in the center of the image feeds aircraft from the terminals to both runways. Left turn puts you on 25R, right turn puts you on 20. Be mindful if entering from the taxiways behind the displaced threshold as well.


Great controlling at EBBR btw


A bit of an exaggeration there, it’s not like it’s real life!

lol but it’s the expert server.


And? Still isn’t real life! (Not trying to be cheeky)

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Go ahead and taxi onto the runway at your own peril, but just expect a ghosting.


I’m grade 2 so obviously I won’t even try

This really wouldn’t be put into a NOTAM, but the A/FD for the airport or taxiway diagram. You make one NOTAM now everyone feels they need to. 🙄


I was thinking hotspot, which it undoubtedly is one in real life.

Edit: Helps if I read better. That’s exactly what you said…

How are people even doing this incorrectly? Blows my mind (especially on expert)

The runway headings are 50 degrees apart.

One requires a left turn, the other requires a right turn from the taxiway

25R has the obvious corresponding parallel runway to compare it against when taxiing.

They are both clearly marked on the ground and mini map


this mistake actually got me ghosted!

You are correct in that this would be a hotspot (it is IRL) but often I have seen advisories been put in NOTAM form before they make it into the AIP. Seems as most of the IF population don’t use an AIP, I thought it was the best form to put this in.

Either way, it dosen’t exactly make a difference.


MJames, real pilots end up on the wrong runway occasionally in real life too. One such occasion happened close to where I live and resulted in a deadly crash. And one in Asia somewhere a while back where the pilot was on a closed runway and tried to takeoff from it until they collided with construction equipment on the runway.

It’s unfortunate, but if the real life pilots can make that mistake, then it’s almost certainly going to happen in IF. Last weekend two people here did the exact same thing warned against in this NOTAM on the same day.

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You meant SQ006? The one entered the wrong runway in Taipei? (Entered 05R which was closed instead of 05L)

Pilot Error was the key factor of the incident. Although the bad weather and lack of Ground Radar facility contributed to this deadly accident. (The plane did turned too early and the pilots didnt monitored a system (I forgot the name) which already indicated that they were in the wrong runway)

Anyways, I almost got ghosted on EBBR for this mistake. Glad that I did realize my mistake. That’s why I always crosscheck it with the map on the cockpit view 😊

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(The crash mentioned has air crash investigation episode…) (Caution to the wind)

Yes that one. The one near me I mentioned is Comair Flight 5191.

I used to live where this took place! Do you live there?

The ILS system…correct me if I am not wrong. It can be used when lining up with the runway.

The runway intersection at EBBR gets more familiar if you use that airport commonly. If you want cma complicated airport try PHNL or EHAM and maybe LEMD(global)