EBAW (Antwerp Intl) {CLOSED} [Advanced ATC]

EBAW is opened on the Advanced Server. Pattern work accepted. Light aircraft encouraged.

Pattern work is on RWY 11L (Light aircraft)
Pattern work is on RWY 11 (MID-Sized Aircraft(e.g. B737, ERJ-190 etc))
Landings & takeoff RWY 11 (MID-Sized Aircraft)
Landings & takeoff RWY11L (Light aircraft)

LARGE Aircraft Procedure:

I will NOT be accepting 747s, A380s. With the exception of the SOFIA.
I kindly ask to land early in the runway to be able to stop at the end.

Please expedite and don’t sit on the runway.

Fun Facts:

After the first flying events at the Wilrijkse Plein, work on a proper airport for the city started in 1921, under the impulse of pioneer aviator Jan Olieslagers and others. Sabena operated passenger services from 1924 from an old railway carriage as the only passenger infrastructure. A proper airport terminal was ordered by minister Maurice Lippens and inaugurated in 1930.

The airport was home to the aircraft factory Stampe et Vertongen until its demise after WW2.

During World War II the airport was used by the Luftwaffe, and also served the nearby Erla aircraft factory. After the German retreat in 1944, it saw brief use by Allied air forces, who called it B-52 (other sources state B-70).

BMI Regional announced the termination of their route to Manchester for 29 November 2013. The scheduled routes to London-City and Manchester accounted for 63% of the passenger traffic in 2011.

DIAGRAM below:


Coming now

Roger that!

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Why round 3?

Was there something wrong?

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Good controlling from your side. Enjoyed it. I couldn’t perform an immediate takeoff because i need full length of the runway which is why i need more time for line-up. That’s why I sent you the stand by message.

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Thanks for the service at EBAW, Maxim. :)

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Thanks for the kind words @Henrik_B
@LSZH34 thank you! And yes, that’s no problem! :)

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Not my problem. I’m trying to help the pilots. (Unless they do some 360 and stay on the runway and make other traffic at “risk”. etc)