EasyJet2005's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Expert Server
Come give feedback :)
Open for 30 mins


Some tips, give some info about yourself whether it’s your first or 100th time as ATC, runways in use, NOTAMS, special requests. Spice your thread up as it will be in use for a while!


thanks i will add it now :)


change of runway 12 & 13

Are you still controlling?

he is still open :)

CLOSED, i will be doing more sessions today, thanks to everyone who came :D


  • Why clear Me for the option I was just doing a transition so then don’t clear me or give me pattern instructions.

  • You gave me go around (good call) but you should have given the aircraft the was taking off “cancel takeoff clearers hold position”.

That is to prevent this form happening

  • You forgot to clear me so I needed to go around, but when I announced go around you sad “make right traffic” you should have sad “make left traffic” then it gets less confusing and it is much safer.

  • and one last thing remember to sequece correct, you did sequece me wrong sometimes.

But today the transition was GOOD! no problem with that so great, just remember not to give them clearance before they announce inbound ;)
And I know that the N189HD messed thing up a bit

Good luck with practical!

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thanks very much for feedback i will get to work on it :)

Good day! so i had some trouble with the connection and then i fly just few minutes.

here my comment/question related to whati sow:

  • when you cleared me to land number 1 there was still one plan on final not yet on the runway threshold and then proper clearace was number 2 traffico to follow on final.
  • be little quicker when give command .

good luck for the exam.

thankyou for the feedback :)

Open now at PGUA, runways in use 6L & 6R

Joining - Callsign NOISY

thanks and i love the callsign, might have to turn down my volume

Thank you :)

IFBR IFATC Arthur you here?

Do you have a training sesh now?

nope i didnt get time to request a training session

Going now!

thank you very much :)