easyJet vs Ryanair

Which is your favourite low-cost airline?
easyJet vs Ryanair is basically a320 vs 737

  • easyJet (a320)
  • Ryanair (737)

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I have only flown with Ryaniar, but I think easyJet would be better.

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EasyJet are worse in my opinion, they are very often late, (not only the flights but the ground crew and luggage) they are quite often more expensive and have less comfortable seats IMO (coming from a man with experience in both airlines)

I have flow over 50 times with Ryanair only 2 of those times were they late one time was 20 minutes and the other was 15 minutes I have flow 19 times with easy jet 5 of this were late by over 20 mins each

I have had flights which were 2 and 4 hours late with EasyJet.

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The other day I was flying from kos to Gatwick and when we were meant to be tacking off from kos the plane was still on the ground at Gatwick lol and it’s a 4 hour flight typical easy jet

I’ve flown with easyJet from Hamburg to Salzburg and with Ryanair from Salzburg to London Stansted.
easyJet is in my honest opinion better, a lot, Ryanair stays Ryanair.
Furthermore, I can’t stand 737 winglets, so my decision is pretty clear.

I’m from the USA so I have no experience with either. Someone want to help me out? :)

They are both low cost airlines and everyone says that Ryanair are rubbish but personally I don’t think they are people also say all the pilots on Ryanair a re rubbish at landing which I find very offensive as my dad is a captain for Ryanair

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A decent extremely cheap, Irish budget airline (some say the mother of European budget airlines) They fly all sorts of routes across Europe and North Africa and claim they want to expand to America. A lot of people seem to hate them (even though a lot of people who supposedly hate them fly with them quite frequently secretly or have never flown with them before). One of Ryanairs selling points is that they are the most on time airline in the world.
A (mostly) holiday airline that goes to a lot of destinations in Southern European and North African countries from airports in the UK. Not as hated as Ryanair despite being very similar.

Yeah they are! Because if they will be late they will cancel 'em…

Anyway, I dislike Ryanair (Not the pilots @JDE1303 , The one landing I did with them was super smooth). So I would chose EasyJet.

Thank you for liking the pilots lol

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In all fairness I have never had a cancallation with Ryanair and nor have my friends or family (unless they’re keeping it a secret from me😄) But I have had a cancellation with Aer Lingus and I should of had a cancallation with EasyJet because my flight was due to depart at 11PM anyway and it was delayed by 4-5 hours meaning everyone due on the flight had to sleep on the floor or seats and/or try to stay awake.

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That’s said I don’t dislike EasyJet, and I will fly with them happily if their flights are cheaper than Ryanair’s, (I’ve just had a few bad experiences and I realise I’m probably just unlucky)

You do know their low cost airlines

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Exactly the other day someone was complaining because there was no business or first class

They should go with British airways then

That’s what I said lol I find low cost airlines very useful and now Ryanair are flying out of my local airport after leaving for 4 years and they are flying to Alicante (Spain) Frankfurt (Germany) so now I don’t have to drive 4 hours in a car to get to the airport