easyJet Virtual - Official Thread

Dear Friends and Followers!

Today we are happy to present you the state-of-art brand new easyJet Virtual!


We have just been approved by IFVARB and we are delighted to inform you that we 100% match their new high criteria!

54a42af2-7c49-4b2d-ae25-cf02e736a90f Why are we special?

Not a trick question for us!

First of all, we are introducing new type rating system to the community! We believe that our pilots have the right to choose where to fly and what to fly. Therefore, no more rank-plane system. All our pilots have a right to choose an aircraft of their choice and fly it to wherever they want! Either A319 or A320, we don’t mind, just fly and enjoy! (Disclaimer: There is a really cool wing flex on A320…)

Secondly, we have a stunning website! Don’t forget to check it out here or at the end of a Topic.

Also, we have a brilliant team which is striving to do their best in order to help you to progress as a pilot! From our media officers to training staff - this people made this happen!

54a42af2-7c49-4b2d-ae25-cf02e736a90f Where do we fly to?

It is a really hard question, as we literally lost the track!
To describe our routes in two words, I would say: everywhere. If you would ask where the second word is, I would add “everywhere”.

This are the countries we fly to:

As many of you have noticed, we fly only in Europe and a bit of Africa. But we have ordered 60 Airbuses A321, so in a few years our list is planned to expand significantly.

54a42af2-7c49-4b2d-ae25-cf02e736a90f Our goal

… is simple: make flying in a VA enjoyable for everyone!

54a42af2-7c49-4b2d-ae25-cf02e736a90f How to join?

It is quite simple, just go to our website and click join! Alternatively, click here.

You have to be over 12 to join and you agree to complete at least one flight per month.

Fill out the form, wait for a bit until one of our staff members will approve it. We will send you an invitational email and a link to join our Slack channel, so that you can contact our training staff to get your Virtual License!


website-icon-11 - website card_small_orange - twitter

With kind regards,
easyJet Virtual Team!

Update 1
  • We edited the destinations map as it was inaccurate
  • Our logo was replaced to have transparent background

So happy to see a EasyJet Virtual back on IF!! 😁

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Can i sign up an application if possible

Hey Josh! Sure you can!

Please, follow this link to fill out the form: http://www.easyjet.infinite-airlines.org/join.php

Thanks again for your interest!

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I just love Easy Jet! I want to possibly join at some date.

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Congrats on getting started! Loving the website, I may have to send in an application.

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I have sent an application you should be able to see it

I love the website AWESOME

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Nice to see EasyJet back in business. They dont fly anywhere in Ireland though, I noticed it was colored in the map.

This is very true and we had to correct it! Starting tomorrow, easyJet Virtual will officially be flying to Dublin!

EasyJet don’t fly to Dublin IRL but if realism isn’t your thing then I wish you the best

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Or Ireland for that matter

Just a heads up, on your application form, most people can’t fit their IFC Username, because it only allows for 11 characters.

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Thanks a lot! We will correct it

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Very nice thread. Glad to have a new VA like this in the community!

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Nice to see EJVA back in the VA game!

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Nice to see a European low budget emerge


Absolutely love the layout and graphics of this post, beautiful job!

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Great to have you on board!! Wishing you much success in your venture!!

Thank you very much! We hope to see you soon flying with us!

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I’d love to join you guys. Any slots open for COO or staff? If love to fly for this VA as I live in Poland and I’d love to fly in EPKK to EGAA!

Edit: Awww… I thought I could be event manager as love making events…