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Hey there :) Just curious to know if my application definitely went through?

Transition to Discord Complete

We have successfully transferred to Discord from Slack! We can now start to accept pilots from age 13 so If you couldn’t apply before due to the age restriction please do so if you wish!

Iyren Maddix
Chief Executive



easyJet Virtual are pleased to announce that a codeshare agreement has been formulated with @IberiaVirtual and pilots now have access to a number of Iberia Routes all over the world!

Destinations include Asturias, Fez, Dakar, New York, Havana, Montevideo and so many more! Routes are now available on our crew centre and Airtable!

You can find out more about Iberia Virtual by visiting their thread here!



In the past few days we have launched a new aviation radio station for the VA which is scheduled to be live daily from 7-8pm daily (UK time)!
It is hosted by two of our Pilots @Lewis_Lelej and @Average_Gamer where Pilots can listen to music and discuss aviation topics! This is great to take your mind off things if you’re feeling stressed or just something to listen to during your flight!

Note: This radio Station is accessible to VA members only.