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Welcome to the NEW official easyJet Virtual Thread on Infinite Flight Community!

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Welcome everyone to our new thread! easyJet Virtual has come along way from its beginning back in 2018. We had a small amount of pilots to begin with but we have grown so much over the years & we couldn’t have done it without you! Artem Frolov the Founder has done such an amazing job setting the Virtual Airline up & to see what it has become today & we are ALWAYS looking at ways to improve as we want you to look no further than here. In 2019 @easyWig took over the role as Chief Executive & we strive to be the best Virtual Airline on Infinite Flight & We want to be the VA that you turn to!

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Being the Chief Executive Officer at easyJet Virtual is something that I cherish with every moment. Having experience within the real airline itself & bringing it to you all on Infinite Flight gives me a great advantage to bring the best Virtual Airline to you all which will make your Infinite Flight experience much more enjoyable. Our pilots are friendly hardworking & they are some of the best pilots that I could ever wish for. We create a fun & enjoyable environment for our pilots from the minute that you join so you feel right at home from the minute you apply.

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Chief Executive Officer - Iyren Maddix @easyWig
Chief Operating Officer - Adam Oyston @AdamMarcOyston
Events Manager - Josh Baker @Joshbaker
Human Resources - Quenan Affin @Q-ENAN
Public Relations Officer - Dan Owen @Daniel_Robert
Recruitment Manager - Harrison Townsend @DJHTmusic05
Mentor Manager - Josh @assanta

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easyJet is partnered with many airlines throughout the world through their Worldwide by easyJet Scheme which connects customers throughout Europe & places such as the United States, Asia, Canada & many more!

Our codeshare airlines are:

Cathay Pacific
Virgin Atlantic
Singapore Airlines
Virgin Atlantic
Spirit Virtual
indiGo Virtual
Iceland Air

Take a look at our route map below to see where we fly to throughout Europe!

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Here at easyJet Virtual we have a range of schemes for our pilots to use to keep things exciting & to get you stuck in! We have easyJet Vacations where pilots can get bonus flight time if they fly the routes featured on the sheet! Its a great way for you to climb up the ranks and unlock more aircraft along the way!

We also have adopted the easyJet Plus idea & implemented it into our VA to give our Gold award pilots the extra perks that they deserve!

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Our Crew Center is based on VA Base where pilots can Find & File flights so you can keep track of yours & other pilots within the VA! We also use Airtable along with the built in dispatch system so its easier for you to find flights & navigate through with ease. You can find out more to do with our rank structure when you Join the VA! We have decided not to showcase them here as we want to feed you our vital information first!

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Apply here! & join easyJet Virtual today to improve your Infinite Flight experience! All Applicants must be:
Aged 14 or above
Must be GRADE 3 or above
A VALID live pro-subscription
Access to Slack
The Ability to log ONE flight every 30 days

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Here are a few words from two pilots currently within the Virtual Airline. We have @VuelingVirtual CEO @DanG387
As someone who has flicked through many VA’s in their time on the IFC I have never found a VA as welcoming or as helpful as EZYVA. Through EZYVA I have travelled to many different destinations then I would normally and have attended some amazing events led by the staff and sponsored by the VA. There are amazing ROTW and the ranking up system is very simple and easy to rank up in. EZYVA has to be one of my if not my favourite VA out there and I’m so honoured to be apart of it!

One of our staff members @DJHTmusic05
EZYVA is amazing. Everyone is welcoming and kind and honestly EZYVA is the greatest Virtual airline on infinite flight.

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We thank you so much for reading & we hope to see you onboard one of our easyJet Aircraft soon! Take care & stay safe!

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easyJet Virtual is no way affiliated with the real airline. To visit easyJet’s website you can find it here


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Thank you all for your comments it means a lot!

Chief Executive
Iyren Maddix


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