easyJet Virtual Official Thread 2020 l Immerse with Orange realness l

Welcome to the NEW official easyJet Virtual 2020 Thread on Infinite Flight Community!

ifvarbapproved Lets show you what we have to offer
easyJet Virtual founder Artem Frolov set this Virtual Airline back up in 2018 & since then we have come such a long way & we couldn’t be more proud of the achievements we have accomplished. Since September 2019 @Silverlink took over the role as Chief Executive Officer. easyJet Virtual strives to be one of the top Virtual Airlines on Infinite Flight. We have such a diverse group of pilots from all over the world & we also cater to anyones needs to make sure that everyone is happy & enjoys flying with us painting Europe orange.
We are very active within the community & we are growing at a rapid pace!

easyJet Vacations is one of our great schemes we have available for our pilots to enjoy! This is a great benefit for our pilots with that being if you want to unlock more aircraft quicker by flying the routes given on the spreadsheet which can offer you 1.5x or even 2x flight time & they can also be flown at anytime which gives you that flexibility.

We have a great range of pilot rewards happening all the time! We give out amazon vouchers to our pilots regularly funded by the staff team at their own expense. Pilots can win these vouchers if you become pilot of the month or they can be won by completing our flight incentives set monthly to give you that extra drive & passion! We believe in rewarding our pilots as our goal at easyJet Virtual is to make everyone feel happy & valued as well as flying for us! pilots are also able to fly our codeshare aircrafts brought to you by Worldwide by easyJet exploring the US right through to Dubai.

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easyJet Plus or easyJet Extra?

We wanted to bring another scheme into the Virtual Airline to keep things fresh! Lucky pilots who obtain the gold award will be automatically enrolled onto the Extra scheme. These pilots are invited to a special Sharklet Lounge with all the staff. You will be the first to find out about inside news, an advantage of picking your own gate at events, the ability to fly new routes which are not yet on the crew centre & more awards!

Worldwide by easyJet Virtual offers you great codeshares that will not just let you fly around Europe but America,Canada,Dubai & Many more.

Our codeshare airlines are:

Norwegian Air
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Take a look at our route map below & see where we fly!


Chief Executive Officer - Iyren Maddix @Silverlink
Chief Operating Officer - Josh Delarge @Josh_104
Chief Supporting Officer - Oscar Shaw @15shawo
Brand Ambassador - William Chin @William_Chin Owain Parry
Recruitment Manager - Jords M @Jords
Event Managers - Jason Groves - Adam Oyston @AdamMarcOyston @JM192G
Chief Pilot - Drew Cameron @Drew_Cameron

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Every week on our instagram easyJet_Virtual_ we host a live Q&A session with our CEO answering any questions at all that you wish to ask! it can be anything to do with infinite flight or general aviation! It’s also another way for us to engage with the community as we want to connect with everyone & spread the orange spirit. This is also a good way to put a face to the VA so you feel connected with us on other social media platforms! We are also open too collaborations with other VA Leaders!

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I am honoured to be leading easyJet Virtual & working with the actual airline itself gives me the opportunity to bring you inside knowledge to the VA. Our pilots here are what make this Virtual Airline what it is today. They are fun, engaging, driven & also motivated to achieve the best. Since I took over as CEO in September 19 there has been a few obstacles in the way but that is what makes us emerge stronger & better than ever as I aim to keep this Virtual Airline fresh with new ideas regularly so each & every pilot enjoys their time with us. I always engage with our pilots making sure that they feel settled & welcome with open arms in our community. Engaging with our pilots & flying actively on live server brings me joy & satisfaction as your pilots will always follow the behaviour that you set out. We love to engage with events with anyone within the community as we believe in a strong open & upfront attitude.

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We offer support to all our pilots whether that will be a private message to any one of our staff members or to our easyJet VA Wellbeing email. We are offering support to each and every one of you that is apart of easyJet Virtual if you need to speak about anything at all. You can email us with full confidence & it will be kept strictly confidential to you both as we want to feel happy within yourself & of course out there on live server.

come along & join us! You can apply here on our website to join today and soar high into the sky and see where the orange spirit will take you.

You have to be over 14 years old to join & also be Grade 3 or higher & agree to log at least ONE flight every 14 days.

Follow us on our social media accounts for more updates on what’s happening within our airline! We look forward to hearing from you!

Tap on ‘Get Started’ to Get Started


See you in the skies!


Great looking thread! 😍


Thank you!

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It looks amazing, I just applied and was so excited that I forgot to include my IFC username in the application, can you help me?


I love everything about this VA from the pilots who make the VA alive to working alongside such amazing people! Fantastic thread as always! I’m sure there will be many great things the future holds for this great VA!🍊🍊 ✈️


Hello! Thank you for applying we cant wait to have you! I will contact you & get you started!


Hello do you have any staff positions open?

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Hello! we don’t have any staff positions open yet at this current time but maybe soon!


hey ummm is it me or are they missing their fleet and ranks?

It’s in their Pilot Handbook. I think you get it on your application screen or once you join and get all the requirements. I think not having tanks doesn’t clog up the greatness of the thread!



Hello all of that information is on our crew centre & also in our handbook. We didn’t want to fill the thread with ranks & fleet as the main purpose of this thread was to reach out to the community & show what we have to offer


Same response! 😆

Great minds think alike! 😉 😂


Haha yes indeed! Thank you for your comments it’s really appreciated! 😁


Beautiful thread! Best of luck!


Thank you! Means a lot!

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Also I am 13 so do I have to wait another year?

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Some airlines bend the rules… I dont know about Easy jet

Hello please see our "Get Started’ section within the thread with all the joining details!

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I have “Gotten Started” I look forward to many great flights with this VA!


Thank you for your application! We can’t wait to have you 😁