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Hello and Welcome to the Official EasyJet Thread - "not just a flight, but an adventure!"

The reason we had to make a new thread was because the owner of the old thread left the VA…

On behalf of all our lovely staff and fellow pilots I welcome you to our virtual airline thread.

For easyJet Virtual it’s been a bit of a slow ride settling in to the Virtual Airline category here on the lovely infinite flight community. We are finally here though!

The two presidents and rightful owners of the easyJet Virtual Airline are @carrots4luke1 and @alexander_mistputy .

At EasyJet we aim for professionalism and realism to assure all our pilots that we are here for the long run. We have many great and aspiring staff to help you along the easyJet journey.

Whilst we aim for professionalism in all aspects of our Virtual Airline, we do allow some jokes and laughs to make it not so serious. However, if anything is said or done that goes against our warning system there will be sanctions involved.


At EasyJet we have two very special birds:

A319- the baby of our fleet

A320- the mother of our fleet

Now, we know these are only two small planes, but you just wait until you see them gliding along the European Skies!

Our professional pilots love these little jets and can’t wait until we can fly them all around the globe.

If your really feeling adventurous today why not give easyJet a little go? Sign up on our website!

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Good day! See you in the skies!


Interesting tier system you have for your warnings. This is just me speaking/thinking out loud, but do you think there is “one too many” warnings here? I know that I don’t have any say in this matter but I think that you would better benefit by removing the “second” warning. Keep the first, third and final one. I think that this is too flexible and allows your member some wiggle room. It’s not always the greatest when dealing with an issue such as what you later listed in your post. Anyways, just something that I’d share. I didn’t want to take away from your thread, and I can tell you spent some good time putting it together. 😊


Thanks, that’s true, maybe we do give them too many chances. We’ll have a think about it. ;)


I think you should add a more positive spin to your thread.

As a potential new pilot, I would be more interested in seeing how I can achieve and excel within your ranks than I would learn how not to get dismissed!

Good luck! hopefully this Easyjet will stick around for a bit…


To get through ranks, simple, just log flights and go up through the ranks, you can also get extra flight time for winning competitions, attending at special events, having great screenshots or anything else (only the presidential team can give out extra flight time)

To not get a warning, just be good at the VA, simple

Hope to see you in our VA,

Lewis Jones
Presidential Assistant


I’m the president of British Airways, I won’t be joining, but I do wish you the best…


We are still recruiting:
Head of ATC
Head of events
And many more pm one of the membersof staff for a place.


##EasyJet Virtual Brand New Partnership##

Hello everyone from the IFC,

Today is a special day in our VA’s history. On this current day we have partnered with emirates VA. All of us at easyJet hope this will be a long lasting and great partnership.

As well as doing this in the Virtual World easyJet and Emirates are real life partners which makes it great for the realism.

Luke S
EJVA President

"Not just a flight, but an adventure…"


Do you mean an adventure of delays?

HA HA Ha Ha HAAAAAh! Sorry and don’t take this seriously


Check out the new easyJet Gif!

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@Luke Just for interest what does the partnership mean for you and emirates, such as sharing pilots or aircraft for example? Just thought people would like to know as well as myself!

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We will be sharing pilots as well as ATC, Joint Recruitment events, maybe some aircraft shares and also we will help each others va’s out if they need anything. @Camr

@Luke Thanks for telling me, will the sharing of pilots be voluntary for the specific pilot or a ‘blanket’ share so for every pilot?

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In my opinion, this is a little strict. Everyone uses foul language at one point in there life. What the definition of an argument and having a debate? Also, abusing staff powers? You would think that staff wouldn’t abuse there powers as they are the most trustworthy people in the VA. Just my two cents. As @LouDon16 said, I would suggest adding a positive spin to your thread and maybe cut back on the rules.


It will be voluntary as we can’t and don’t really want to try and forcefully do it. @Camr

Ok good idea, thanks for the information! @Luke

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Well yes, everyone uses foul language sometimes and we take note of that, that is the reason that the first warning is only a verbal warning from a staff member. However, we wouldn’t want someone constantly swearing in our slack channels. We at easyJet want to be a professionally ran VA not a place for swearing. Also an arguement is a person trying to be rude or hurtful towards another person whereas a debate is people expressing their opinions on a topic (big difference). And finally, with the thread i will try and make it more positive as i agree that it is not very positive but we want to also make people aware of the rules.
thanks. @N1RG

You can be professional and have fun at that same time. To me, this is not how I would want my VA ran. I think their are to many rules and that people are here to have fun…not be controlled by what they can and cant do. I have been in the VA business for a while on IF and I once had these similar rules and it did not work out for me. So I am letting you know from experience. You of course can do whatever you want to do since it is your VA. I am just trying to provide some helpful and useful feedback, @Luke


Due to the real emirates and easyjet alliance the decision was made to make a partnership. The partnership doesn’t include aircraft or code share. However, it allows for VA to VA support and helps with event publicity. Also when global comes out configurations could be made to have a branching program for pilots to fly international and then regional. But I’m glad you asked that question @Camr

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Oh great thanks for clarifying further Harris! @Harris_Carvel