easyJet Virtual | Changing The Future Of Virtual Airlines | Official Thread 2023


Welcome to the official easyJet Virtual thread of 2022!

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Welcome to our new thread for easyJet Virtual! After all these years we are still here and thriving capturing the community’s hearts. We are not only just a Virtual Airline we are a place that you can feel at home whatever nationality, race, gender, or sexuality. We want YOU to feel welcome the second you step foot into easyJet Virtual. Let’s see what you can discover!


Hello everyone! A pleasure to meet you all! Thank you once again to those for taking time to read through our new thread! It’s been a long time coming. I have been apart of the Infinite Flight community now for nearly 5 years & having the chance to lead one of the best Virtual Airlines still excites me everyday bringing fun and energy into the IFC. A special thanks to our founder Artem Frolov who we miss very much! The reason why I love easyJet Virtual still to this day is that I can bring the real world airline into Infinite Flight which gives us great benefits for all. I am a Cabin Manager based at London Gatwick & 2022 marks my 5th Year working for the airline! Time goes by ever so quickly. I cherish every moment I have and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without our pilots and staff here at easyJet Virtual.

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Meet your Staff Team below who will guide you through your easyJet Virtual Journey & we are always here to help!

Chief Executive Officer - Josh Delarge @Josh_104
Training Standards Leader - Danny G @DanG387
Training Standards Officer - Sam D @Sam_D206
Training Standards Officer - RECRUITING
Project Developer - RECRUITING
PR Officer - @aviatorluke4
Flight Operations Manager - @DavBarsco
Flight Operations Manager - RECRUITING
Recruitment Manager - RECRUITING
Community Engagement Manager - RECRUITING

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Our Crew Centre is Flare based where pilots can file flights so you can keep track of yours & your fellow pilots flights within the Virtual Airline. We use Airtable so its easier for you t find flights and navigate through our routes with ease! You can find out more to do with our rank structure when you join your new Virtual Airline easyJet Virtual as we have loads for you to discover once you join!

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easyJet is partnered with many airlines throughout the world through their Worldwide by easyJet Scheme which connects customers throughout Europe & Places such as the United States, Asia, Canada & many more! Click through the drop down menu below to see what codeshares we can offer you!


Airbus Virtual
Alaska Airlines
Air Transat
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
Emirates SkyCargo
La Compagnie
TAP Air Portugal
Thomas Cook
Virgin Atlantic

Our Pilots are not just from Europe! We have pilots from ALL over the world. easyJet Virtual will promise you activity from anywhere in the world which will benefit you & yourselves as you can discover different cultures along the way & of course making new connections. Not just flight connections we mean personal connections!

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We have a range of incentives for our pilots to help gain momentum right from the minute you Join to give YOU more flexibility to keep you driven & wanting to achieve more! We have our Sharklet Lounge where pilots can fly new routes exclusively before the rest of the Virtual Airline & see our new features before they are also released to the rest of easyJet Virtual! Our very own award named after our second longest serving Chief Supporting Officer the Delarge Award Pilots can also benefit from our live streams offering pilots to win BONUS hours & awards which will be relaunching in time for peak summer 22! Our awards and rank system will be listed to you once you join the Virtual Airline as we don’t want to give away all our great awards right away!

We have so many routes here for you to enjoy here at easyJet Virtual Our Airtable is full of new places for you to discover with other pilots here as many are itching to fly at anytime of day. You will be welcomed with open arms from the second you join! If you need any more information about us then please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of staff will get back to you!

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Apply here & join easyJet Virtual today to give you the best Infinite Flight experience! All Applicants must be:
Aged 13 or above
Must be GRADE 3 or above
A VALID live pro-subscription & the ability to pass our entry test sent to you via pm.
Access to Discord
The Ability to log ONE flight every 30 days


Glad to be staff at this amazing VA!


Proud to be a staff member and apart of this great community! A great VA to be apart of!


Proud to be staff here! Wonderful community!


Oh my goodness I’m staff! 😀😆 love the community and staff! Glad to be with EZYVA.


A truly amazing VA full of a great variety of aircraft and routes so you’re never bored. And I can’t forget the people either, from the staff team to the other pilots, they’re all so lovely, welcoming, and supportive! Glad to be a part of it! 🧡


Happy to belong to this great VA, excellent routes, each different from the other, incredible places to know, and best of all, its members, starting with the managers.


Couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this VA! We’ve come such a long way! Thanks to everyone who makes the VA what it is! 🧡


Proud to be senior captain for this amazing VA!


Very proud to be here! Love this VA! Feel very welcome and supported :)


Happy to be a staff member at such a great VA with huge aspirations to continue improving!


just applied cant wait


Love this VA so much,glad to be a part of it!!🧡🧡


Proud to be a member of this community.


Nice thread!


super proud to be staff here! love everyone at the VA, can’t wait to see where we go next 🧡


Hi everyone, I’ve just submitted my application!


Hi Elliot. A member of our staff will process your application shortly. We look forward to having you onboard

-Andy, FOM


Very proud to be part of this VA, great community to be with!

Meet our newest staff member ! ---

All of us here at easyJet Virtual are privileged to welcome @Drew_Cameron to our staff team.

Drew is a loyal member of our VA and we couldn’t be happier to announce that he joins us as a Training Standards Officer.

We are sure he will continue to thrive and be a great addition to the productivity of our staff team !


Visit our crew centre here!

View our website here!

Apply Now!