EasyJet Virtual Airlines Official Thread: Revised Thread

Welcome to EasyJet virtual airlines! At Easyjet we accept everyone for who they are and we strive in providing the best service possible to give our passengers a flight that they will never forget, whilst upholding the high expectations of us, here at EasyJet.


EasyJet Virtual Airline (VA) was founded in 2017 and our focus is to provide our customers with the safest and most enjoyable flights possible. We have a network spanning throughout multiple countries all across Europe including, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and many more!

Here at EasyJet our values are important to us. We ensure that our standards of respect are upheld to provide you with the best service possible, no matter where you fly with us.


Easy Jet Virtual is also proud to be parternered with the Infinite Flight Mentorship Program. The IFMP provides rigorous training to all Infinite Flight pilots who wish to improve their flying abilities. We work closely alongside the IFMP to ensure that quality is maintained within our VA as well as providing advanced positions to graduates of their program.

EJVA is IFVARB approved:

We hope to see you in the skies!
-EJVA Staff


Best of luck to this VA!! Surprised about this one…

I didn’t think someone would make this… congratulations!


Very nice! Can’t wait to see what your VA has to offer (especially starting out new this year) ! My enthusiasm and best wishes are with you! See you in the skies.


I’m proud to be working with EJVA

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Proud to be the COO of this awesome VA.

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I am the newest pilot here at EasyJet. Excited to help grow this VA.


Proud to be a pilot for EJVA!

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