EasyJet VA Official Thread: Now Partnered with the IFMP

@Mickell_Augustine you can apply to be a pilot on our website under the “Apply Here” section.

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Your wanting to be a pilot in lots of places aren’t you?


The EasyJet VA team gladly welcomes @Kirito_77 to our ranks as our Head of Media!

EasyJet VA now welcomes pilots to join our ranks! Come and fly while you climb the ranks of EJVA! Simply visit our website and sign up under the “Apply Here” tab.

No need to advertise your event on other VA threads. This is the third VA thread you’ve advertised your event on. Kindly PM them, don’t go posting on multiple VA threads.

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We are currently seeking a new member of staff to fill the vacant Head Of Media position! If you are interested please PM here on IFC @Declan_Lyall_O_Regan
Have a great day everyone!

How many members do you have

Hi there @2345,
We currently have 5 staff members that are also pilots, and 11 pilots. So we have 16 members in total. As we are fairly new to the VA world, we are gaining a steady income of applications daily.
Are you interested in applying?

Yes I am about to apply on your website

Ok, awesome, I will review it right away, and get back to you via PM on here.

Applied but couldn’t see the last question

The last question was why you believe you would be a good applicant? If you are able could you please PM your answer on that question through here.

EasyJet VA is proud to announce EJRewards! Join EJRewards now and work your way to great bonuses!

All of us here at EasyJet Virtual are full of joy for the realease of global! With that comes the fear of new VA regulations. Will your VA require you to own global? Well here at EJVA we proudly announce you don’t even need a live subscription to fly among our ranks! Happy Global release day to all!


Thanks @cleipelt my auto-correct goes to weather because I use it more. Didn’t catch it.

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We are looking for some pilots to join us on our adventures! EasyJet VA accepts everyone for who they are and we strive in treating everyone equally.
Since global is released, you can now fly any of our 830+ routes.
We log our flights via our Slack channel and also here is a link to our website where you can book flights, apply to be a pilot and see all the routes.

Happy flying everyone!
EasyJet VA

I am going to apply!

Applied, please read my application!

Kind regards

We are reviewing your application as we speak! Thanks for apply @Maria_Catania

Thank you. Love you’re website layout.