EasyJet VA Official Thread: Now Partnered with the IFMP

Welcome to EasyJet virtual airlines! At Easyjet we accept everyone for who they are and we strive in providing the best service possible to give our passengers a flight that they will never forget, whilst upholding the high expectations of us, here at EasyJet.

Logo Created By: @CaptJackson

EasyJet Virtual Airline (VA) was founded in 2017 and our focus is to provide our customers with the safest and most enjoyable flights possible. We have a network spanning throughout multiple countries all across Europe including, Amsterdam, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and many more.

EasyJet places its customers first, which means we provide you with great service without the cost. Our flight crew is trained to provide you with the service you deserve and are always happy to help.

Our employees are held to high standards to provide a safe and friendly environment within the workplace. Each of our employees are trained to smoothly work alongside their colleagues and passengers alike.

EasyJet is also happy to announce our Book a Flight system. Book a flight an we will have one of our skilled pilots fly you to your destination!

Staff posistions are currently open for the taking so feel free to apply. Check out website for open positions and who knows you might just be our newest staff member! For details on how to apply visit our website at http://easyjetvaif.weebly.com

This is a IFVARB certified VA

ATTENTION: A friendly reminder that all those who want staff positions need to contact me directly via PM. Do not fill out the form on the website as it will not be recognized as a application for becoming a staff member.

Rewards Points:
EasyJet VA now proudly announces our Rewards Points system or EJRewards! We introduce three tiers with rewards that improve at each tier.


Our bronze card provides you with a 1.25x flight time bonus as well as priority over those that are not members of EJRewards.


Our silver card provides a 1.5x bonus on your flight hours as well as priority over those not signed up for EJRewards and bronze members.


Our gold card provides a 2x bonus on flight hours as well as priority over all other fliers.

EasyJet Virtual is a Proud Partner of the Infinite Flight Mentorship Program

Blue Skies!


Wow. So happy to see you guys forming the new EasyJet VA! Wish you great success!

Also, I have to say, your website looks very professional. Well done.


Thanks a bunch! Hope it will be great!

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GoodLuck EasyJet VA!!!


Kind of off topic Please don’t kill me ;) but do airlines need to be certified by the IFVARB? Or no? Anyway, your website looks soooooo good. Good luck with your va.


Yes. If you are creating a VA it is a NECESSITY to have their approval.


Thank you for the information:)


Good luck with your VA! All of us who have created a virtual airline and those who have not wish you the best of luck! :)

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Thank-you @Ryan_Farell

Thank-you @Captain_Ahmad

Wait isn’t @FlowingGlint61 in charge of EasyJet VA?

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If I’m not mistaken, @EasyJet_VA is their official VA Account?

Oh ok sorry for the confusion. Never knew that. And you are most certainly welcome :)

Thank you! He did join 40 minutes ago so…

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I’ll deal with it now.


Thanks Neo! Was hoping not to run into any problems.

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know staff application will be open for another day. Hope you will consider applying for a staff position!

We would like to welcome @Gavin_Hertel to EasyJet VA as our Flight Instructor!

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We would also like to welcome @Jack_IF as our Event Manager to EasyJet VA!

I want to be a pilot for easy jet va