Easyjet VA now up

That’s a blog.

Yes but it’s mainly news. I highly suggest either changing the name and taking the ‘blog’ out of it, or making a second website. Your decision of course!


Sorry but your taking applications for 2 VA’s? Thats morally wrong. I suggest you make an Easyjet only Application before you peeve people off.


since you are the CEO i suggest you sort this out. This is Easyjet not Sam Airways…

This all seems very confusing and looks unprofessional! I suggest that people do their research before rushing in, there is. A very good tutorial been set on on how to set up a VA, important part of that is research.


Just continuing on from @David_Lockwood , he is correct. People around the community have given guidance and there time to help those new VAs become professional and functional. Here’s a link to my VA creation tutorial:

Not only that, some of us have set up programs and companies like Sketch Flight to offer services to the VAs. Starting a VA isn’t just a thread it’s a lot of work and energy.

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We removed all the Sam Airways Stuff

We are still merged but I’m not advertising anymore it was doing of me to advertise

Sorry for acting against your wish, but this forum is a place where people can share all of their opinions, no matter wether they please you or not.
So you have to expect and more importantly respect negative feedback. And you can’t prohibit someone to post it, simple as that.

Furthermore, normal text is just as good as capslook, if not better. Capslock lets you sound aggressive and that does not appeal a member that for example wants to join your VA.

Now here’s my honest opinion about this easyJet VA:
It’s unprofessional, rushed and concept-free.
Your website looks like a ten-minute-project and a user does not get an idea what the easyJet VA is at all.
If I could give a rating from one to five, this is nothing more than a 1.
I’ve already said it to you in your other VA posts, try to be unique and creative, try to be different, sonething that stands out to a user. Then you have a good VA.

Before you start to stamp around on me, better consider the extremely good advises I’ve just given you.


And even more importantly do something with it.
Well done, a lecture was needed!

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@Sam1 I would listen to this guy…He is staff member for a very well known and respected Virtual Airline. He knows what he is talking about.

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Negative feedback is something you’ll have to respect and if possible do something with it. Of course this is not the case with non-constructive criticism but I have found none of these ‘negative posts’ are offensive or not well thought through.

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I’d say one of the best VAs out there :)

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thank you. its not about being nice. I aim to maintain a fair start for all airlines. Trust me I will do the same for everyone else

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Our new logo image


Thank you all for you critics we are new give us TIME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thanks

I like that logo, pretty professional!


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Anytime @Huw, that’s what Sketch Flight is for after all :)

If you need any help or assurance with your VA please contact a virtual helper at Sketch Flight. Via Ordering station


Looks great!

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