Easyjet VA now up

I, have looked and saw that there are no EasyJet,
VAs so I thought about it and said I’m going to make a EasyJet VA so here it is the COO makes the website I need a COO to publish our form cause I’m on mobile, please move to the VA area our new CEO is @Jonathan siza all please continue here EasyJet Virtual


We have a new CEO coming so I can get back to work

For now please PM me your name, plane etc for hiring

Yes, I also have a private plane available to me…

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@dasabel100 I get it lol

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Our application will be up shortly

I might join the VA if it looks professional enough ;)

But be cautious: Do NOT rush into making a VA. It’s a lot of work, and takes tremendous amount of time and effort.

Take Qantas VA or American Airlines VA. Those Virtual Airlines weren’t made in a day or even a month. Those VA’s have been operational since 2012 or 2013!


Umm little question about your aircraft selection. You guys do know that there is also the a319 that has the Easyjet livery right? I mean what is the purpose of having an unmarked a330 if Easyjet doesn’t even fly one IRL?


I think you need to do some more research and planning before rushing into setting up a VA. For starters, there is an easyJet A319 in the sim which you seem to have missed on your list, and it’s spelt easyJet in titles.


Sam Airways and easyjet are joint company’s

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Do you have a website?

Need someone to make one cause we are very busy with SA and air berlin just hired me as their new CO CEO

What I reccomend is that you finish Sam Airway and then focus on your job at air Berlin and maybe temporarily shut easy jet down

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Sam Airways is finished we just need pilots

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How are you unable to add a plane? Even if you don’t personally have it in IF, other people in the VA might have it, and I’m pretty sure they would like to fly with it;)

I did look

I will invite you

Oh ok that makes sense :)

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Check my PM @Sam1

Filled form :)