EasyJet VA departure from IF

Hello all on the community.

It is with great regret that I am having to make this announcement. EasyJet VA is being closed down temporarily which may end up being permanent. This has happened for many reasons and all staff members feel as though we cannot sustain a good VA at the moment. Myself and @jjt0909 are still holding to rights to it until it has been permanently closed. If you are interested in wanting to restart this VA then please PM myself and if it is finalised this rights will be handed on to you.

Matt Elphick
President of EasyJet Va


It is truly a shame, as easyJet was such a fun and exciting VA to be involved in !

Easy 4 - " Thank you , good day !’ :’(


Goodbye Easyjet it will forever be in our hearts


That’s sad. I remember doing the promo flight :’(

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Hello. We are sad to have made this descion that this is final. @Boeing777x has messaged me and wants to take it over so I hand the right to him.

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