easyJet Trip to Edinburgh in 21.1

First time posting this so bare with me. Anyways, just uploaded a video flying the easyJet A320 with it’s 2015 livery to Edinburgh from Larnaca. Realistically, easyJet flies to Gatwick but because the airport doesn’t have any buildings I decided to take Edinburgh as a destination instead. 21.1…you gotta love it man. The buildings, graphics and clouds are well done. So credit where it’s due.

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I see easyJet, I click, I comment and I like, as always ^^
I’ll watch this video right now :p

I’m happy to see a lot of people using it and posting it here!

Update : I loved it ! @Alex_Kraz go watch it too 🍊✈️


Glad you liked it! Stay tuned for more!

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Nice! One of my favourite airports in the beta is Edinbruh

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This is amazing!🤩🤩

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Thanks man!

Ye it’s such a lovely airport. Hope Dublin gets one for the next update.

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