EasyJet trip Report A320NEO - Larnaca (LCLK) - Gatwick(EGKK)

So iv’e always been interested to make a travel video/trip report!

So here’s my first attempt and it!

Yesterday I flew with EasyJet from Cyprus to Gatwick on my first ever A320NEO and it’s definitely different! and a new experience! and I tried my hardest to record for you all!

Flight Number - U28968

Anyway back from holiday and time to be active again 💪


Do flight numbers only have a max of 4 digits?


Nice review, I do suggest that you spend more time talking in the aeroplane (you only really went over the menu). A takeoff/landing (both?) shot would’ve been nice, or some sort of a timelapse.

Also, I suggest doing voice-overs rather than speaking as you’re recording. But that’s my personal preference.

One last thing…it made me very uncomfortable seeing your phone at 25% when not even on the aeroplane xD


Nope they can’t. (Or at least only very very rarely)

U2 is the IATA code for easyJet. (you might be used to seeing 2 letters only like DL for delta and BA for British airways, but they can have numbers too)

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I stand corrected. Learn something new every day! :)

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I did try to get a takeoff and landing video but when I looked at the footage you could literally see nothing…it upset me also aha!

I found it a bit awkward to start talking on the plane to a camera with a stranger next to me lol


Yea I flew easy jet just a couple weeks ago and knew that but my brain doesnt work today 😂

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