EasyJet Switzerland registration (HB-Jxx)

It would maybe unnecessary to request this but when I see topics about a little livery error, I won’t be afraid to request this :

When Global/ Swiss Region comes out, can you add “EasyJet Switzerland (EZS) - TOPSWISS” in airline list and Swiss flag with HB-Jxx registration on the plane ?

This will be maybe considering as multiple requests, but no, it’s one request for a full Airline implementation in IF. Does it still fine?

PS: EasyJet Switzerland operates out of LSGG, LSZB & LSZH, its a subsidiary of EasyJet

  1. Topswiss is already in the airline list…

  1. Adding the swiss registration to the aircraft is a little pointless, since the plane itself doesn’t change at all.

Uh didn’t noticed this :) Thanks!

Also, the airplane doesn’t change?
Let say this to all “livery error” topics creators :)

The aircraft/livery doesn’t change.

EasyJet Switzerland:


Regular EasyJet:

See? No difference ;)


The registration, this is why I request that …

No offence, but that’s a little pointless…


@AtomicHerbster4 who edited the title :
Confusion risk, maybe HB-JXX may exists.
It doesn’t exist at all, but still a registration format

The minus X may be replaced by HB-JXA, HB-JZJ etc

They’re not adding a Swiss Region, it’s just going to be global. Next time you can just put global. ;)

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Difference Spotted: The Switzerland one has no winglets while the regular one does

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That varies by aircraft, some have winglets, some don’t. That’s not a difference between easyJet and easyJet Switzerland. Plus the one is an A319, the other is an A320.

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@AsianaIFVA @AtomicHerbster4 I was talking about the livery not the actual aircraft…

Please don’t edit the title this isn’t your request / please refrain to change others regulars titles.

A little code really does not make a difference…