Easyjet says - Electric airplanes, why not?

That could not work I think. what happens up to that point, and even taxiing on the ground. The batteries get super hot in a short time.

We also have to consider when the batteries are super cold. They have to be the perfect temperature. The vent might make them too cold. Now we need a heating system. A closed cooling system might work best, with a smaller heating system (heat from batteries)

Like I said, Tesla, with a very advanced heating and cooling system, you cannot go too fast for more than a few minutes. They use the most high tech battery packs in the world, there will need to be some serious improvements.


The engines producing enough thrust isn’t the issue. The issue is weight, and heating and cooling. Batteries need to live in the perfect habitat.

The engines will produce more than enough thrust as electric.

Chances are a fully automated aircraft will be safer than a human pilot (not that it’s unsafe with a human pilot now, air travel is the safest travel.) With Tesla’s, and other self driving (or assisted cruise control) are already much safer than a human driver. And the technology isn’t even all the way there yet.

I think self driving (or self flying) is inevitable, and humans should get used to it now, before it hits you like a brick wall in the next few years.


Sounds cool! I’m glad they chose a U.S. manufacture, it will be to have another.

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One KWH of electricity is worth 10 US cents in India and some US states. One litre of aviation fuel is around 13 KWH. That would be USD 10 per km on the Boeing B777-300. Its viable provided we make cheap, safe and compact batteries and find a way to charge them really fast.

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The problem is that to have the same range, it would tremendously increase the weight of the plane. And can you imagine the amount of power airports are drawing in? Unless they are hooked up to a nuclear power plant they might cause more greenhouse gasses from fossil fuel power plants than they might if they just used fuel.

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Well rolls Royce has a patent for a electric engine that runs during takeoff and cruise then acts as a windmill generating electricity during approach and landing.

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Wendover Productions has a video where he covers the practicality of electric planes a bit. It is part of a bigger topic but it’s still interesting to listen to.

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I still can’t see it happening, and if it does I don’t think it will be very popular.

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