Easyjet Requests Lima Airport Permits

Does this mean Easyjet is pondering long haul travel?

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A source would be quite good.


I’m not allowed to give the source just have to trust me that I know people within the industry :p

This is a pointless post…

Good threads aren’t made with “trust”, they’re made with a credible first post (in this case, with a source other than “people in the industry”) that can actually lead to a proper discussion. Right now, it feels as if this is just the aviation version of Heat magazine…


Trust me this isn’t true, I also know people and more then open to share my source:


When the A319 and the A320 can do long hauls? unless they would do stopovers.

Easyjet can lease long haul aircraft at any time they wish as far as I know.

not exactly helpful.

In the future this could be funny ill make you eat your words ;P

Lima is such an ODD airport for an LCC to start long haul services to… so very very veru unlikely.

Please name your sources @Thomas_Oehrling

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Closed by request. Don’t have a source but trust my contacts in the forum industry…