easyJet Orange is dull

The A320 EZY orange is quite dull. In real life, the orange is brighter. However, in the new picture of the A319, the orange is the right brightness and intensity. Can you please fix this?


Yes I agree I noticed this as soon as I took my first flight on it


Glad it’s not just me! Hahaha

My photos of both liveries IRL


I’d say the a319 new EasyJet livery is spot on but I think the a320 old livery may be a bit redder than in real life (I’m not complaining though the devs did an excellent job of the a320)

You know the top photo of the A320 new livery? I flew that exact plane to Malaga on the 24th October!

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@jarno80 intentional, or is rendering making the colour look different?

I’ll get it fixed! Thx @carmalonso and @Julio_Cesar


That photo was taken in Malaga on the 24th of October!!!, I was on an Aer Lingus A330.

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Wow that is so cool!!!

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My exact thoughts

Thanks to you for the livery!

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