Easyjet or Ryanair?

which do you prefer ?

How about[poll]

  • Easyjet
  • Ryanair

Ryanair! I’ve flown with them over 75 times an I’ve only had 4 major delays with them (over 30 mins)
Easyjet is nice but I find their staff can be quite rude and don’t want to help! (Based on my experiences) Also, Ryanair’s flights are usually cheaper than Easyjet’s.

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@JDE1303 the reason Ryanair is cheaper is because it’s a budget airline so they don’t need much training done and Easyjet isn’t because they operate the A319 A320 so there training costs more and budget airlines operate 1 Aircraft so they can be extra cheap. And I have a budget airline (not mine) which does flights from £23. So Easyjet can be better but they need to do expensive flights for there training.
That’s why Ryanair is cheaper

They don’t need to train pilots twice as once you are certified on the 319 you are certified for the 320. Is budget airline your are talking about citywing?
Also the Easyjet flight from gatwick to the iom is never on time and is frequently more than 30mins late.

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Easyjet. Never flown on either but my uncle flys for them, and the carrot livery is nice

EasyJet’s a budget/low cost airline as well!

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Sorry…but I can’t find a sense in this tooic…

Well that’s good news for me because I go to Gatwick in Feb 2017😥😂

EasyJet, one of the founders of the low-cost industry

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EasyJet for me! Have flown both over the years but the ‘orange sky’ wins. Both work on a similar model but Ryan Air ‘appears’ to be cheaper but by the time you factor in additional transport costs (Ryanair dosnt often fly to the main airport at your destination) , costs for hold luggage, etc it will be very similar if not more expensive than other flyers.

Someone mentioned training costs, but both will be the same, pilots and flight attendants have to meet minimum legal training requirements so will not be greatly different. Both only operate one type of very new aircraft which does reduce training costs (for pilots, engineers and ground crew) and as both run aircraft under 5 yrs old the operating costs are much cheaper than running older aircraft.

None of the two

Last time I checked £6.99 LGW → LUX or £9.99 BRS → INV wasn’t expensive…

I prefer easyJet, but this is duplicate:

Please search before posting. Thanks in advance.

After 14 replies 😂😂😂

EasyJet all the way because they are much better! Plus I have an EasyJet livery on IF!