EasyJet NEO A320 Livery

EasyJet A320 NEO
This (by the sounds of things) hasent been brought up in a while, now easyjet is a cheap, low cost airline based around Europe, and its main hub in London Luton Airport. It’s turned to my attention that Easyjet have a livery if A319s and A320s except for a couple of NEO livery’s, which are quite interesting, they are the next generation to flying, and other airlines are starting to benefit from this. I would like to point out that another airline thread has been mentioned (Iberia) which also has a NEO livery, which is also wanting it to come into IF, this would be an amazing opportunity, and I think the community would like to see a change in Easyjet’s aircrafts, as IF has only 2. I also must point out that this engine sound is incredible, you got to hear it!


Thanks! Please Vote if you wish for this to continue!


Is this a #features request?

Yes, I need to move it into it.

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