EasyJet Luton- Prague trip report

Good day IFC, yesterday I flew with easy jet on there A319 to Prague from London Luton @Ondrejj . The flight took 1 hour and 35 min.

Sorry for the reflection but this is the A319 I will be flying in for the next 1 hour and 35 min it looked smaller than it actually was.
A look at the engine

This was my seat a brilliant view over the engine.
Takeoff and landing videos will be available later

At cruising altitude I took a look at the tray table. It was small but you didn’t get any big meals, you could get some hot stuff but that was it I was surprised you could get hot stuff in a low cost carrier like this.
And this is the legroom and I’m pretty small but it was enough for my mum I defiantly had enough legroom unlike on Ryanair.

And that is it for the trip report I will be attaching videos of takeoff and landing btw the landing was butter. I really enjoyed the flight I even get a watch as a Christmas present! I would defiantly fly on this airline as it’s awesome and pretty cheap.


Ah didn’t mean to post it yet

Now it’s finished @Ondrejj

Thanks of thinking of me @Gm2kmike20 good trip report ☺️

Thanks also did I get the new cabin?

Yes, I believe so

Yeah it looked much better and it was a lot more comfy

Good report there, but dont think thats an A319

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