easyJet livery appreciation post

As many of you know, the easyJet 2015 livery is now part of the sim.

What may seem like a random thing, is for us, people of the wig, a mesmerizing idea.

I promised I’d make an appreciation post so here it is, what kind of easyJet are you.

Elegant Orange

Runway Model

Mountain Flyer


You might have noticed, it is hard for me to keep things serious but I’ll try to give some informations.

The first to third were taken on the 2nd April, amazing week with an endless anticyclone (which ended this week of course). Fourth shot was taken the March, first time seeing Hotel Alpha for me if I correctly remember.

Funny enough, 4 lookalike liveries but three airlines :
easyJet Europe
easyJet Switzerland
easyJet (UK)

My camera is a Nikon D3400 with a 55-200mm F/4 - 5.6 with no VR because I’m a pro spotter 😎👌

Honestly, I didn’t plan on doing a #real-world-aviation:spotting post but I just found out how to color grade on lightroom mobile so why not enjoy it.

Hope you liked the post, à bientôt :^)


Imma be honest now, the easyJet livery is pretty cool. One of the best in Europe, I would say.

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im a runway model


Very Nice photos

By the way



Keep up the great work!! :)

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Looks better than human models
I’m serious


Cool Photos! Love it

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Registration gave it away 😉

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I think the same, they took the eurowhite concept and worked it in good fashion

Consider yourself orangely beautiful

A pilot of knowledge I see, we have :
🇨🇭HB-xxx et

Glad you liked it 👍

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I find the NEO livery the best out of the whole fleet. Nice pics👍

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Thanks a lot, though I’m still learning about aviation :)

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I love those shots or even mor face to face 😍

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Stunning shots!! Love them:) I’m the NEO type…;)

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Great pictures! The livery really is colurful and looks very good, especially with the light conditions in your pictures and the GVA background :) Thanks for sharing!

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@Alex_Kraz That’s what I love, here, in GVA ^^


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