easyJet Liverpool - Nice

U27065 easyJet A319 from Liverpool to Nice, and the return flight to Liverpool on the expert server, highly recommend this route as the Alps around this area of France are stunning both on approach and on departure from Nice, fun approach too. Flight time was around 1h50m each way.

on the ground in liverpool

taxiing onto rwy 27

rotation followed by some other photos

on finals to Nice rwy 04L?

rotation from Nice 04R

ascending over the Alps



Nice, but keep to the 10 photo limit


Just to add here. If you need the link to the tutorials of Screenshots and Videos, here they are 👍


There is a 10 photo limit. the touchdown photo doesn’t look right, all blocky and some is zoomed out but some are zoomed in. But the photos are nice.

thanks!! appreciate the help :)

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I will make sure I keep to this rule for my next post, also I don’t know what happened when I took that photo, quite annoying, also thaaanks

If you don’t want this post to be closed, do what’s been suggested please 👍 Remove some photos please

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Ahem… Flight 587… Ahem

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okay, I’m not getting at anyone’s throat here, but can someone explain why 10 photos is a maximum number, I have no problem with it but would like some further reasoning behind it to explain why 👍

They would rather have someone’s 10 best pictures then 30 pictures of the same flight. Takes up a lot of space. Biggest reason it’s the rules set in place by staff👍 And you have to follow the rules:))

takes up a lot of space where? admittedly a couple of the photos were absolute shambles HOWEVER, some rules are made to be broken 😎😎😎👍👍👍

Not here. The community follows the rules. And if you don’t your post will be closed and if you ignore the rules enough times i believe a suspension will follow after for not following simple rules👍

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It was a Christmas joke. I worship the community rules, I even recite them to my dog every morning when I eat breakfast, don’t you?

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Lol. But it’s not Christmas though.
Thank you for minimizing the amount of photos to 10.

watch Peep show if you are old enough, extremely funny, best of British comedy. And no problem!! my pleasure

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How long did this flight take? Might do the flight when I get pro.

around 1h 50 mins? block time probably around 2h, enjoyable too because you aren’t bored in the air for too long

@hydel Thanks, i get bored on 20 min flights though :/ if I’m doing it on a call with my friend it should be fine though.