Easyjet Inside The Cockpit | New series | ITV

If you live here in the UK or maybe else, you will have heard of an airline called ‘Easyjet’. They have made a new series on what it is like to train up rookie pilots.

This is the trailer :https://youtu.be/2qVE4NtW86I

It is on at 9pm Itv on Mondays.

Thought many people may enjoy this program.


Not available in my country, oh no.


My friend is on this :) Also I’m going there next year to do my MPL license.

Already had it recorded 😉😉

Just use a VPN 🙄😉 (I recommend hotspot shield but it’s paid so just use DotVPN or summat)


Who is watching the first episode right now?

Me it is realy good! I can’t believe that guy is on 20 years old!

Yeah I’m enjoying it! I know it’s crazy! Check this out though… http://metro.co.uk/2016/07/01/teenager-19-is-one-of-youngest-ever-airline-pilots-5975768/

That’s insane! £125,000 to become a pilot though!!

@RAH has found his calling.


Which aviation academy are you going to, CTC? I’m in the process of beginning an application soon

CTC Aviation, Good luck! :)

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Anybody saw Ryan? That was friend. I’m soon to be in that position :)

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That’s a shame, only available in the U.K. Any suggestions?

Good show. The young lady at the end had me a bit concerned, pushing on into a lowering cloud base, and losing VFR visual position fixes. That’s really not good.

She would have done well to request a QDM (in basic terms where you call up ATC and ask for a heading straight back to the airport) and aborted the flight.

Glad she got down safe. Little Cornelius needs to learn from the older pilots to keep away from dating flight attendents - they get everywhere…

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Haha. I saw Cornelius having that conversation. I really enjoyed the program, can’t wait to see what’s in store for the next ep!

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Already know what’s it about, CTC sent me an email. But can’t spoil the surprise ;)

I did indeed, very impressive, only 20 right?

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Yes correct, haha, he was very nervous on his first attempt, he had to go around and come into land second time. That is going to me in a couple of years. 18 months to go (Training). Let’s see if I can do better haha!

Apparently that was bad editing. The part going in to cloud was from a separate flight done later under IFR, she wasn’t actually going into cloud on a VFR flight.

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