EasyJet Gatwick to Manchester

This was my first flight completely out of the US. Gatwick to Manchester with easyJet

Server: Training
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Time: 6:30 Local (UK)
Route: EGKK - EGCC


Nice pictures, I really like the 4th one 👍🏼👍🏼

Thank you :)

That last one is really cool! Reminds me of the “Inside The Cockpit” series EasyJet did.

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Yea that’s what inspired me to fly EastJet


Lol, I sat down and binged all of those episodes in one day, they were really good.

Yea, I like their little conversations it’s funny

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I absolutely love that show and hope it continues! It was so fascinating.

@Andrew_Yates Fantastic pictures just a shame it isn’t a real route!

Happy Flying :D

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It’s just for fun really

Fantastic photos! I’m really loving that last one :)

Thank you!

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MAN is the best place to start any IF European adventure!