Easyjet - Gatwick to Brussels

Today, I decided to fly to Brussels, Belgium (EBBR) from London Gatwick (EGKK) as a nice short haul route on the smaller A319 aircraft with Easyjet. This was on the expert server which I feel brings the most realistic experience. Flight Time was only around 45 mins, which meant I cruised at FL240. When approaching Brussels there were mild 20kt crosswinds which was exciting to land in. Honestly, the thing that motivated me the most to fly here was just the thought of eating fries and waffles :) Anyway, this was the first ever flight route where my descend plan was on point after all of what I have learnt in the last 3 months. (E.g. Rule of Descent, Ground Speed etc…).

Nice Calm Take Off at Gatwick, great view of airport from behind.

Climbing along Brighton Coast, great view of the beach from here.

This beaches look stunning along the coast of northern france.

You can see loads of Belgium here; the fields, coastlines etc… Not long for TOD (top of descend) now

Were now descending into Brussels Airport

Our final, crosswind approach. I’m at a crab angle to tackle this as normal procedure.

And touchdown!


This is brilliant! Nice photos.

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Nice photos!

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Love the wing flex on #1!

Good ol’ orange spirit :)

Great pictures!

Looks good!