easyJet Europcar a320-214

Hello IFC, today I am creating a feature request for the easyJet Europcar a320. I would love for this livery to be added because easyJet is a big airline in Europe now, and I think it should deserve a special livery in IF!

Reasons why I am requesting this livery:

1. There are a few easyJet Europcar a320 liveries, registered under both easyJet Europe (like the one in the picture) and easyJet UK.

2. It is a very unique livery!

3. It would be great alongside the other easyJet liveries we have in IF.

4. I’d love to see more special liveries!

Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9672222

Thank you everyone, and I hope you like this as much as I do!

Sweet request Charlie 📌


Thanks! My first aha

You can’t expect me to put ANOTHER vote on an easy livery surely?

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It is hard to say no! ;)

It’s has been said numerous time that we won’t get liveries of advertising (ie Star Wars 787 or 777)

If you want a nice easyJet livery similar to this one, try the easyJet holidays


I put in a vote for this beauty, I can’t tell you how many times my family and I have rented a Europcar car when we visited The Netherlands (before we moved here).

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Thank you! Appreciate it ;)

won’t get liveries of advertising

Why not?
What makes an airline brand different from a rental brand? Both advertising a company


I don’t make the rules mate

The Haribo Goldbaren livery was allowed by a moderator.

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My bad, it had to do with the owner of the rights, not the special livery itself.


Haha thank you, this is probably my favourite having flown on it irl (not this registration though)
Like you said, I would like the normal new livery added first though!

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Anything easyJet I’m voting for 😁


I think unique liverys like this are essential for flight simulators we do not have many but liverys like this and the KLM orange pride are really cool! Unique liverys are a must have for infinite flight especially with its future

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Feature requests are invaded with EasyJet livery these time 😂.

I am giving only a vote for a EZY livery and sorry it’s for A320^^


13 already 😅😱

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Yes, quite a few lol

I completely understand, this is a special livery, so people will of course want to see the regular one first!


This should be add with the standard easyJet and the 200th Airbus livery A320-214.


16 votes in 24 hours, that’s great! 🍊

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