This morning I did EHAM-EGLL in the A320 Easyjet. It was my first full flight with the A320 as I have struggled to handle it in the past. I’m ok with it now. The live cockpit is so nice. Along with the scenery, and global brings the flight alive. I hope you like my photos.

Flight time: 41Mins
Aircraft: A320
Liberty: EasyJet
Altitude: FL250
Speed: 250K
Takeoff runway at EHAM: 18L
Arival runway at EGLL: 27R
Callsine: Easy 825 Hevey
Service: Traning
Landing V/A: -416


Pushback at EHAM

Taxi at EHAM

Takeoff at EHAM

Cruse at FL250

Decent into EGLL

My softest EVER landing at EGLL

Taxi at EGLL

Parked at EGLL after a great flight

What was your favourite?

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Flight report if you are interested

Thanks, have a good day😁


Nice pictures!

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Thankyou .

Nice pics!!

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Very nice!

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Where did you get the flight report from


Thanks @Olivier999

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Thanks @Tsumia

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Nice pictures! This was my first route when global came out. You made a little mistake, you where taking off from 18L not 14L. 14L doesn’t exist (in EHAM), all in al nice flight!

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Nice bro I wish I could of seen u grease the landing😞

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Nice pics, looks like you Buttered the landing.

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I will change that thanks

Great photos, thanks for sharing them. If I may, your take-off power (N1%) is a bit high. Anything between 90 and 95% would be enough.

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Nice pictures! My favorite was No.5!

But I think you added in the wrong poll :)

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Great pictures great landing BUT easyJet don’t fly to LHR. Just advice for the future.


I know
I’m not trying to be realistic.

Where did you get the flight report from bro 👊🏻


Ok, just advice in case you didn’t

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