easyJet CEO says Heathrow could be an option

easyJet at Heathrow?

An exciting announcement from the easyJet CEO today could mean that Britains most beloved low cost airline could be expanding to Britains busiest Airport!

With the CEO suggesting “Our philosophy is to fly from Europe’s leading airports, so that [Heathrow] would possibly make sense. That’s not something we are ruling out, but the timing and conditions have to be right for us to do so.”

Could you see a future for easyJet at heathrow? I personally can as easyJet as a huge reputation in the UK and their shorthaul network is amazing!


I don’t see easyJet at Heathrow… I don’t think they’d fit in.

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Yeah I agree but thats what they said about JetBlue and they have new routes so we’ll see!


Time will tell. We will fit in perfectly


EasyJet at Heathrow?!?!?! Now that would be interesting.

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I don’t see why this wouldn’t work tbh. BA could definitely do with some low cost competition at Heathrow which hasn’t really existed since British Midlands ceased

It may seem unusual right now, but easyJet have got huge bases at major European Airports like Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan Malpesna etc. Which have all been successful, we’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out I guess


To be honest I think easyJet could do quite well from Heathrow, you could play a big role there.


I think easy has the right business model and fanbase to get some successful routes out of Heathrow!

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I could easily see easyJet having great success at LHR, they are a very profitable airline with how they work their low cost ways.


Me too! Also business customers prefer easy over some so I think we will do well too!


I hope so wig!!!

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Heathrow = More traffic, more delays, more crowded

Gatwick = Less traffic, No delays, spacious

It would be an interesting path for EZ for the future, and BA could do with some competition over at LHR. However, I would prefer them to fly from Gatwick.


JetBlue: Finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

I don’t think jetBlue and easyJet plan on competing with each other anytime soon…

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Unless easy goes full on crazy mode and starts flights to JFK.

JetBlue at Heathrow works… easyjet… errr idk mainly because of the fact that I think the costs are just too high. The fill their Gatwick flights anyways so idk why they want to go to Heathrow. Nonetheless, this is 100% exciting and it would be awesome to get cheap fares from Heathrow!

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Not really. easyJet is shorthaul and medium haul only.


Same could be said about B6 tbh


OMG @Alex_Kraz @saam @AviationZyYT

And Paris CDG ! :o
So yeah, I totally agree with you !


Easyjet 👏 please do not 👏 go to 👏 Heathrow 👏

Listen I am an EasyJet simp but it just seriously isn’t needed… Heathrow just won’t suit their branding in my opinion I think its an unneeded opportunity which could be done elsewhere.