EasyJet Captain asks passengers to vote if they should take off.

why would the pilot ask the passengers that if the passengers probably don’t even know how a plane flies


I would vote to keep flying then watch other passengers’ face. Would be priceless to see their face. 🤣


That pilot is straight savage, honestly i would’ve done the same thing, this pilot is a true democratic 😂

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I wouldn’t be expecting this sort of service from a British airliner, this is more like North Korean quality.


What’s the FAA got to do with anything here? Not a US carrier and not in the US.


“Fake news!” “Totally fake!”

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I read this elsewhere. Seems as if he was giving them the option to get home after that lengthy delay, though in hindsight it wasn’t really the best thing to do…

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He obviously said it as a joke. Its not like he’s going to takeoff with one engine if the passengers voted yes, is he.


Do you mean chance there?

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I’m Bristolian…lol thxs for the support to us!!1

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May have been pressured by the airline to do this. Delayed for around 40 hours is a huge compensation the airline has to pay out in the EU. No mechanics to fix means paying for them to fly out and fix it meaning more costly delays. Bet you the pilot didnt want to take off but felt the corporate pressure so out it to a vote. If you read between the lines you can see where the real blame should be put. Easyjet.


Well, the FAA is considered the global aviation “regulator”… so yeah.

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The FAA is not a “global” regulator and is irrelevant on this case. The FAA has no jurisdiction here. If you would like to give us some insight on what the EASA would say that may be more useful.


That’s like taking a boat across the Atlantic and the captain says there is a hole in the boat. We will sail if you want to take the chance !!!

Pilot on next flight: “okay dudes, who wants to go to Vegas instead? Show hands”



This is out of the US. Nothing to do with the FAA, more the EASA.

EDIT: My bad, @ATK already took care of this for me.


Ah it’s all just a bit of banter, buckle up your seatbelts, we’re off!

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It’s strangely interesting to see apilot willing to do this. Not saying it’s a good idea mind you…

Top notch banter from the pilot there. Likely done as a tongue in cheek with the media blowing it up to more than it actually is.

My uncle is an EZY pilot based out of BRS… Would make for an interesting dinner table conversation when I next see him

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Okay sorry, I didn’t know that.
I am still pretty sure the EASA would think the same anyways…