EasyJet B757-200

With the B757-200 being in need of some rework (mainly to eliminate the nose down attitude in flight), I suggest adding EasyJet´s livery on it.
Even though they don´t use it anymore, and have been using an all-Airbus fleet for some time, this livery would look very well on the 757.

Link to the image.


Never knew EZY operated 757’s. Looks awesome


Was just going to say the same thing!


It does, its better than their all-orange livery

The all orange one looks better on the 320’s. But keeping it this is great for 757

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It’s just a 757 easy jet…

Used to have.

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Wow… that’s new to me.
Why not? Looks neat.

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In the busy season they would lease it i think

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It was replaced by the A320 family, but as you said, the livery is cool.

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I’m pretty sure they only leased 2 for one summer or something. They also apparently lease them if they have to cover planned maintenance. Would be cool to have!


And we’ve never seen a 757 painted in orange.

Yep I think they wet leased them from Monach, but was only for a couple of summer seasons before they went to an all Airbus fleet.

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