Easyjet Airbus A321 Infinite Flight

Hey all, last time we added Vueling’s A321. This did not include Easyjet’s A321, it would be a nice addition for EasyVA and for the non va’s if it were added.

What is your opinion?

  • Yes
  • No

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easyJet only operates the NEO variant of the A321 where Vueling operates both the CEO and NEO version of the aircraft.

For realism sake, the easyJet A321 cannot be added. And a feature request cannot be created because the A321NEO is not in the sim.


It’s still a nice addition anyway. Who knows, maybe they will add the NEO variants in the future. Until then, they could add it under the normal variant of A321.

But when it comes to realism, you are right.

Infinite Flight wont add a plane that an airline doesn’t operate IRL. Unless EasyJet starts to use the CEO, the plane wont be added.

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Too bad, then indeed it ends.

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