easyJet A320neo (NEO livery)

How they marked the “o” in neo looks really nice 😉

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Indian Chakra 👀🇮🇳


Nope! Looks like an engines fan blades to me 😂


I love this livery, easyJet have some great special liveries.


Neo family is the next must in the Sim 😍

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I’d go Max first.

The one that crashes??

That’s not very nice… but yes

As much as this would be cool to see, there is currently NO A320 NEO in IF, which I’m sure would make the realistic player’s sanity.exe stop working.

Also this has been bumped by TWO YEARS!? So there isn’t really any need to continue this post, but feel free to anyway… I’m sure there’s enough posts about A320 Neo’s that you.can vote for…

Love this aircraft bus sorry, I’m out of voats.

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Yess I agree

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Nice picture, you have!
WizzAir ❤️❤️

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Yeah! Haha

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Definitely voted

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Wow, I saw at least 5 different asked EasyJet liveries these last days, nice to see that !
It’s a beautiful livery tho !! I hope it gets added one day.

I’ll vote for this, when the EasyJet basic A320 gets added in order to free a vote !


I don’t see why we would need this if we don’t have the A320 NEO in game.


Are you aware that it’s not the only one A320NEO thread ? ;)
Let’s see the A320 NEO family one* (which has more than 120 votes) and the others A320 NEO liveries thread. It’s really not the only one.

We are asking it for the future, we all know that it’s not already on IF…
It’s completely out of context to write this and that 17 days after the last comment.
Useless bump. 🏴

We think it will be good to have it due of the engines and other things, that’s it.
We used future tense not present, it can’t be on present tho… Logical.


If you don’t think this is necessary, why would you comment on a topic that’s been silent for 17 days? 😉

Vote for a feature if you like it, ignore it if you don’t :)


The A320 NEO is not planned at this time. In an effort to preserve precious votes this topic is closed. If development is confirmed at a later date, livery requests for that aircraft will be permitted.

This feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app.

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