Easyjet A320 Neo Review

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For those of you who fly frequently and keep up to date with all the newest arrivals on aircrafts into service with European low cost airlines will know that recently Easyjet have just started into service with their new A320NEO.

Today I was flying between London Luton and Belfast Aldergrove and was lucky enough to have flown on the A320 NEO.

First of all let’s start with the look. Their is nearly no differance in the main shape of the Aircraft to the normal A320 (please correct me if wrong) however as you will know the engines are different and designed to reduce CO2.

Their is very little taxi noise from the engines and a decent amount of noise reduced with Takeoff. Easyjet have taken the option for the CFM Leap 1A engines.

Being honest their is not to much more different on the inside of the aircraft . The seats are all the same and still the same and same amount of leg room.

So far Easyjet have an order for 130 NEO aircrafts including 30 A321 NEO Aircrafts.


If you would like to know the registrations of the 2 A320 NEO aircrafts for Easyjet they are G-UZHA based at London Luton and G-UZHB based at London Gatwick

I hope this gives you an idea into what the Easyjet A320 NEO is like


I’m really looking forward to seeing the A321neo easyJet models, when is their first delivery due?


Very Awesome! I like the 737 max more but I like the new engines for the a320, GO BIG OR GO HOME

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Unfortunatly it won’t be for a while I’ve read that they estimate 2019 at the earliest

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Very nice! Do you happen to know what routes they will operate these NEOs in? I ask this because in three weeks I will be flying EasyJet on LGW-SXF, and I would like to know if I will be lucky enough to be in one.

Unfortunatly Easyjet is one of those airlines who happen to put any aircraft into any route. The way I managed to find out if I was flying on it before hand was look at the inbound aircrafts about 30-40 minutes before your departure time and have a few planes in mind on what it may be. Luckily enough for me there was an inbound from Alicante right when I needed it so my luck was pretty decent lol :)


Don’t get me wrong the 737 Max is a lovely aircraft aswell

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If I’m not wrong, all easyJet flights operated by the A320-NEO, are operated from/to London Luton (LTN) exclusively. (For operational reasons)


In the initial post @Liam_purcell states that there is one based at London Gatwick.

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I’ve noticed the LTN-BFS flight on a Saturday in the afternoon is normally the NEO as I wish to catch the plane at BFS.

It is indeed. The service departs Luton at 13:45 and the aircraft arrives back from Alicante

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This is not a @NEO review. Please don’t claim to be @NEO, when you are clearly not.


satire duh


This isn’t a review on @NEO it’s a review on the A320 NEO. At no point I have not tagged him. If I was talking about him I would have tagged him

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@IceBlue was joking mate 😂😂😂 don’t worry about it. He was making a joke out of the NEO, of the person @NEO lol.

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Oh sorry 😂 No offence to @IceBlue

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