Easyjet A320 20 year anniversary plane

Easyjet has recently unveiled this livery for its 20th anniversary and it is flying. I think it would be a great addition to the sim

I have two pictures to show the detail. i know only one is allowed but i couldn’t find a picture with detail and the whole plane. I will delete if i have to.


Wouldn’t this fit with #real-world-aviation

Cool livery, but honestly I’m not sure how well that would render in IF. If you zoom in that much it would probably be blurry, not sharp. And to get the detail, you’d really have to zoom in.

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1 picture per feature request please :)

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I love it! Like special liveries.

The only way to show the livery is to zoom close up. He said in his original post that’s why he needed two pics. However, you could probably remove the second one @Matt_Elphick. The first one shows the uniqueness of the livery

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Looks great!

Yeah I think that would be a hard livery to get right, even though the team makes some of the best liveryes, that would be hard

Too crowded

It would not render at all, it would be nothing more than a haze on the bright lettering.


Very beautiful!

Wasn’t this livery released last year?

EasyJet Virtual needs this! this is also a great adition to IF!


I love it!!

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