EasyJet A319 Preview Image Unavailable

If I tap on a plane airliner, the appears right in the screen. But if I tap the EasyJet by the A319, the words ‘image unavailable’ appears. The issue is only By the easyjet A319. but fortunately I can playing that plane, the only issue is the picture that not appears.


Did you try just clicking around on other liveries or plane then click back on easy jet. That work for me when that happened I would also try restarting the device.

I get the same thing, and it’s only on the easy jet a319, so weird.


Device info and operating system? I experience this bug as well.
My System Info
Device: iPhone 5
Operating System: iOS 9.1
Infinite Flight Version: 15.11.0

Me the same, but I’m using The iPad 3

I have the same issue. It appears the devs have not released a preview picture for the Easyjet A319. I don’t believe that anything can be done to fix this issue right now.

Seems a little bit of a coincidence if you ask me, probably a marketing stunt lol.

I’m sure they’ll fix it.

Confirmed in Android version as well.

This seems this issue is by all users

Yes, it is for all users. They must have forgot to add the EasyJet preview picture.


i employing to fix the image A319 Easyjet.

Thx a lot.


Known bug:)

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Same. Doesn’t really bother me though. We can still fly the plane.

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thx for yre quickly answer,
for me its not problem but as an improvement proposal. :-) 🙃

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I used to be able to see it but now I can’t, on IOS

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