easyJet A319 | LICJ > EBBR | Over The Alps!

Hey Everybody

So heres my first post on the community, tell me how I did! :)
Anyways, A while back on he 14th of this month I flew from LICJ to EBBR. (Palermo to Brussels) saw some beautiful views of the alps then continued to LEPA (Palma de Mallorca) but I’ll show that leg on another date

Now! lets not get distracted
Server – Expert
Route – LICJ > EBBR (Palermo > Brussels)
Flight Time – 2h20 Approx
Aircraft – easyJet A319
Callsign – G-EZDE

At the Gate at LICJ with the Mountain in the backgound!

Cleared for takeoff at Runway 20

Viewing The the Airport while turning for a northern departure

Been some time now, we’ve climbed to and are cruising at FL370 and can see the alps!

Passegers can really take in the view

Looks like its time to descent. Speed brakes Up!

Turning onto the STAR with the sun behind

Hmm. Our competitor seems to be approaching Brussels with us. lets see who can get there first!

We’ll call it a draw. * Cough * we won.

pulled up to the gate, stair truck is coming. (this is my favourite picture)
Aircraft will now be prepared to fly to LEPA

Anyways thats all I can show for this leg of the trip.
See you next time. :)

Part 2 of the trip!

easyJet A319 | EBBR>LEPA | Goin Down to the Beach!

Tell me how I went for my first post!


Nice pictures, I see you landed on runway 25R and that Ryanair 737 landed on 25L, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway Brussels is a pretty underrated airport so it’s nice to see some other people flying there besides myself.


Yeah thanks. Yes those were the runways used by the Ryanair pilot and I and also do think Brussels should be used more often, it has a nice layout to it that I just like.

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Mhhh seems like you have the orange spirit. Really cool pictures especially 5 & 7 😄

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thanks. I also had this picture to go with the 5th picture but I already met the maximum amount of images I could post in a topic.

Hmm. thanks for telling me about easyJet Virtual. I’ll definitely consider it.

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Yes I am part of it we do a lot of group flights and events together and also have a bunch of different codeshare routes from Thomas Cook to China Airlines. I highly recommend joining.


Yes but my only problem is being in Australia. events aren’t usually set at a good time to participate in

yodeleheehooo-yodeleheehee. lol

Beautiful! Mountains are some of the nicest IF scenery’s

We make sure that our events are timed to suit everyone :)

Cool pics!

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