easyJet A319 Incorrect Overwing Exits

Hello all,

As many of you have already pointed out, the A319 easyJet livery is incorrect as there is only 2 overwing emergency exits, where in reality due to its seating configuration, there is 4.

My question is how can we address this once and for all and have it rectified? Hopefully there can be a quick / easy fix as it’s so minimal, but would achieve much better realism accuracy for easyJet users.

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This is intentional. It can be found in real life, along with the Allegiant A319s. They added extra exits in reality since EasyJet has added more seats then usually found on other A319s. They have to add an extra exit to keep up with the safety qualifications. And of course, it is also found on Allegiant as they are budget airlines that want more customers to stay alive.

Also if this is still not clear, here is a picture of a real Easy Jet A319 to show that yes, there is 4 over wing exits

I’m so very confused by your response, are you in agreement with me? I know why it has 4 OW exits and not 2, my post is more regarding how we go about getting it changed… can you find me an easyJet A319 that matches the one on IF? In regards to OW exits?


This will not be corrected anytime soon I’m afraid.
At this point in time, we’d have to have separate 3D models per “configuration” which would be somewhat of a waste time & resources for such small discrepancies since door configurations are model and not livery specific.


Would this be fixed if/when the the a319 gets a full rework?

Doubtful. But never say never.

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I apologize, I might have mixed the numbers up

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