easyJet A319 | EBBR>LEPA | Goin Down to the Beach!

Hi Everyone

Today, our continuation of our flight from Palermo to Brussels, continuing to the sunny Palme de Mallorca. This will be the last leg of the trip. Our trip will include the departure out of Brussels, climbing through France and passing the Pyrennes mountains before descending east of Spain to Palma de Mallorca.

Flight Information
Server – Expert
Flight Time – 2h00 Approx
Aircraft – easyJet A319
Call sign-- G-EZDE

Back from we left off at, in Brussels at the gate.

Taxiing to the runway, Brussels Airlines a319 departing in the background.

Rotating off the runway. The Ryanair 737 we performed a parallel landing with.

Crossing borders to France now, still climbing.

Crossing paths with a Lufthansa A350-900 from the south.

Coming up to Spain. We have the beautiful Pyrennes mountains.

After descending over water. Passengers now have sight of Palme de Mallorca.

Short final, runway 24L with aircraft in the background and a 777-200 departing out.

Vacating RWY24L.

Last stop today for this easyJet a319. Now parked at gate.

Bit of a uneventful flight but still nice European scenery and LOTS of air traffic as Europe was the ATC schedule but unfortunately I get get pictures of all the aircraft I pass.

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Anyways, until next time, hope you enjoyed.
See ya!


that 7th shot is beautiful!