easyJet A319 'Amsterdam' Livery (G-EZDN)

Good Morning IFC!

Here is a picture of the Livery that I am requesting:

The Amsterdam livery on easyJet’s A319 to me is extremely pleasing to the eye and also holds a special place in my heart. The livery showcases Dutch culture and promotes tourism to Amsterdam.

To me, this livery is a gift from easyJet to the Dutch people which is a great symbol of the love for Amsterdam all over the world.

As A319s become less common in their fleet, carrying on the legacy for special liveries would be great!

I have flown on this Aircraft from Liverpool - Lisbon a number of years ago and it looks even better in person!

Why should this be added to Infinite Flight

  • easyJet currently has no special liveries within the game

  • It would promote some livery diversity, as this is a rare livery

  • easyJet Lovers, would LOVE another easyJet Livery!

Sadly I couldn’t find any background information from easyJet about the livery, so I hope i’ve covered enough!

Image Link

G-EZDN | Airbus A319-111 | easyJet | Rainer Spoddig | JetPhotos

Amazing! I want it


It’s literally the cutest livery!

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It’s a lovely livery! Although I prefer the Austria and Bordeaux livery I’ll probably vote for this. Hopefully infinite flight will make it an A319-111 and not an A319-131 which has the 2 overwing exits.

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Yeah , I totally agree with you.

I also hope that the A320 will also have the right orange colors on the wing (flaps zone).

After that much waiting we can’t have a messed up livery again.


I want as many easyJet special liveries as Southwest has on the B737, otherwise its unfair imo

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Yeah, the A319 has never looked right in infinite flight with that livery.


Yeah or as many as Frontier. I would like it if they made an easyjet new livery with sharklets and one with winglets and then other liveries like the country and city liveries or the holiday one.


Voted, I love it!


This livery is great but first we need to make sure the easyJet A319 is more realistic. Not just with the overawing exits but also the livery in general. Try spot what’s missing…


This livery is classssss


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