easyJet A319 'Amsterdam' Livery (G-EZDN)

Good Morning IFC!

Here is a picture of the Livery that I am requesting:

The Amsterdam livery on easyJet’s A319 to me is extremely pleasing to the eye and also holds a special place in my heart. The livery showcases Dutch culture and promotes tourism to Amsterdam.

To me, this livery is a gift from easyJet to the Dutch people which is a great symbol of the love for Amsterdam all over the world.

As A319s become less common in their fleet, carrying on the legacy for special liveries would be great!

I have flown on this Aircraft from Liverpool - Lisbon a number of years ago and it looks even better in person!

Why should this be added to Infinite Flight

  • easyJet currently has no special liveries within the game

  • It would promote some livery diversity, as this is a rare livery

  • easyJet Lovers, would LOVE another easyJet Livery!

Sadly I couldn’t find any background information from easyJet about the livery, so I hope i’ve covered enough!

Image Link

G-EZDN | Airbus A319-111 | easyJet | Rainer Spoddig | JetPhotos

Amazing! I want it


It’s literally the cutest livery!

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It’s a lovely livery! Although I prefer the Austria and Bordeaux livery I’ll probably vote for this. Hopefully infinite flight will make it an A319-111 and not an A319-131 which has the 2 overwing exits.

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Yeah , I totally agree with you.

I also hope that the A320 will also have the right orange colors on the wing (flaps zone).

After that much waiting we can’t have a messed up livery again.


I want as many easyJet special liveries as Southwest has on the B737, otherwise its unfair imo

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Yeah, the A319 has never looked right in infinite flight with that livery.

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Yeah or as many as Frontier. I would like it if they made an easyjet new livery with sharklets and one with winglets and then other liveries like the country and city liveries or the holiday one.