EasyJet A319 4 overwing exits

I just realized that EasyJet A319s have four overwing exits instead of two. This seems to be fleetwide for them. However in Infinite Flight we only have the two over wing exits. I am hoping that a staff or developer can look into fixing this as currently it is ultra unrealistic!

Here’s an article

I’m not entirely sure what you’re trying to say here…

Is this a request for #features?

Make a feature request to fix it, or vote here → EasyJet A319 rework/correction - #4 by Canadian1337

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It’s not a feature request, I’m simply showing an issue with an aircraft in the app that has seemingly gone unnoticed

That is what I was looking for, thank you

I’ve flagged this to be closed 🙂

The reason why EasJet added 2 more exits is that they have more people on board. EasyJet managed to cram 156 seats onto the A319 where as American Airlines has 128 seats. I think it was a requirement so the people could get out of the plane in case of an emergency.


As the above comment says. It’s all based upon the passenger numbers, it’s quite confusing but it changes depending on what new configurations they develop. The A321 has some very different options for operators which makes some look completely different.

That being said all models are the same for that aircraft, all that changes is the livery so these changes can’t be made unless they wasted their time away making a model with each livery. Don’t hold me to it but I think the chances of that are highly unlikely, like 0%…