Easyjet 757

I remember a while ago hearing about an Easyjet 757, does anyone know
A. If it actually existed (I think it did but I’m not certain)
B. If Easyjet still operate it

According to Google it did. Some of their 757s were sold off to other airlines (Astraeus as one example).

There’s a video of one taking off from Stansted http://youtu.be/VsDz1p1-2uI

EasyJet 757’s were very common. But are now all retired or been sold

After all my years flying to and from the UK I have never seen an Easyjet 757

I don’t think easyJet has them anymore…

Last I checked at least. Buy JP Airline Fleets. Pricey book but it is very expansive and detailed.

I work for easyjet and we no-longer have any 757’s. All we have are 319’s and 320’s. In the summer months we hire out more 320’s and 2 757’s from titan airways

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They used to have some 757’s. At the moment they only fly A319’s and A320’s. Although they sometimes lease 757’s in the busy months.

I think the Easyjet livery looks a lot better on smaller aircarft (i.e A320, A319), but I think it doesn’t look that good on bigger jets (i.e A321, 757). I think one of the E-Jets would be a perfect aircraft for Easyjet.

They operated a321s but never seen a 757

I believe they leased some in summer time for certain routes a few years ago!

They probably did

I didn’t know easyjet had Boeing 757’s!

They Did😀 am really surprised they sold them!