Easy jet rating

Hello guys, as part of my personal channel’s content I am rating some airlines.

So I need you guys to tell me what you would rate the airline. Your comments will be used in the video if you want details to my channel please pm.


Flown with easy jet a lot and never had a problem, staff have been very kind and pilots keeping us updated frequently

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What would you rate it out of ten @Seb

It is a cheap and cheerful airline. Always early or on time and all crew are good never had a bad one.

I would give it 8/10

‘Budget’ airline, however you often end up spending prices on par with BA, once hold luggage and other add-ons are purchased.

Flight crew mostly friendly, however sometimes they are very rude. Some of the flights are on time, however most of the flights I have been on with them have been delayed by 30 minutes or so.

I’d rate it a modest 6.5/10

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oh I’ve never had a bad experience with them apart from once at gatwick when we sat on the runway for 15 mins waiting for a gate then parked at wrong terminal!!

That’s quite funny, what I would accidentally do if I was a pilot😂 It seems whenever I fly they are very poor, I don’t know why, maybe my prescence brings bad luck😂


Can I get a link your channel?

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@AlotQuestions https://youtu.be/mVo9SVJECX8

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The problem with EasyJet is delays, in comparison with Ryanair (and other similarly priced budget airlines) especially. More often than not when flying EasyJet I have a delay of at least over half an hour with delays sometimes lasting 5 or 6 hours. Also the staff tend not to care much, instead of thinking “Hey, it’s lunch time, maybe we should stock more food than normal” they almost always run out of food at any meal time especially on the return leg (on the way back to the UK) furthermore any food they do have is pretty sloppy in comparison with Ryanair. All in all I try and avoid them, which isn’t difficult seeing as invariably it is cheaper flying with Ryanair (flying in and out of the island of Ireland)



I would give them a fair 7/10

Doesn’t this belong in #real-world-aviation?

I’m looking forward to doing more of these :)

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