Easy jet question

Hello all,

I don’t know who else to ask as I looked at easy jets website and can’t find anything. If I want to book a flight with easy jet. Can I purchase it from the USA? And can we use US currency?

Yes you can


Thank you!

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I figured it out. thanks one more question if I book now will I need any passport information?

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if you’re going to the us then yes you’re going to need a passport

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I meant to ask will I need to provide any passport info online (I know I will need a passport and I am traveling within europe)

I’m not sure, I know when I travel internationally I typically don’t get asked it, a few airlines have though in the pass.

Sorry to ask but why would you not be able to book an Easyjet flight from the US in any circumstance?

When I first was looking I could not find an option for paying in us currency

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That wasnt the meaning of the question lol. I know that Easyjet does not fly to Europe

Oh right. My bad!

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I’ll try using a VPN and connecting from the US, and I’ll try.

Hi, I’ve just tried, and I think it is actually possible!
I connected with a VPN from the US and it automatically marked my language as en-us, and I successfully got to the payment page without any errors, so I think it’s possible.

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I am quite concerned you need a Visa too. But not too sure.

Depending on where you are from

England and Spain no you don’t

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