Easy Jet New management inaugural flight

Come to london to KIck off the new Easy Jet VA with a flight from EGLL to EGKK. You can fly an Easy Jet A319 or A320. This is our first event under new management and so we will be recruiting new pilots and staff. Please PM me if you are interested in being a Staff Member.

Server: TS 1

Region: London Region

Airport: EGLL

Time: 0430Z

NOTAM: A valid live subscription is needed, please follow ATC instructions

Your title doesn’t match category guidelines.


Leading on from what @Tecnam2TA rightly said , you also need to make a clear indication of when the event is ! :)

Follow this format for adding location and time/date for you thread title when creating a event …

@ EGLL - (DAY)(TIME+Z on the end ) (MONTH)(YEAR)

i.e = @ EGLL - 242000ZNOV16

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Sorry guys this is my first event

No worries if you need help just me PM and I can help you …

If you tell me the day of your event , I will redo your title for you …

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